You May Need to Know How to Appeal Unemployment If You Are Denied

Those who lose their job may be able to file for unemployment. This is a type of compensation that enables the person to still have an income after they leave a job and while they are looking for a new one. This is limited, however, and many people are denied unemployment when they first apply for it. However, if a person is denied unemployment, there is an appeals process they can go through to try to reverse the denial.

One Phone Call Starts the Appeals Process

A person who has been denied unemployment will want to start by making a phone call to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (UESC). The UESC is the unemployment office, and they’ll be handling the appeal. When the person calls the office, they’ll need to state they want to file an appeal. Then, they’ll receive a letter in the mail telling them when their hearing will be held.

Contacting a Lawyer Can be Beneficial

It can be incredibly difficult for a person to win an unemployment appeal. They need to be familiar with the laws surrounding unemployment so they can show they should receive the unemployment. The person may want to speak with a lawyer before their hearing. This gives them the chance to learn more about the appeals process and what they’ll need to do to have a better chance of winning their appeals.

Anyone who is appealing a denial of unemployment can speak with a lawyer about their case. They’ll be able to find out if they have a chance of winning the hearing as well as what they’ll need to do to have a better chance. Though it is possible for a person to handle this on their own, seeking legal assistance gives them a higher chance of knowing exactly what to do during the hearing and being successful in their appeal.

If you’ve been denied unemployment even though you believe you should be able to obtain it, learning how to appeal unemployment is crucial and can make a difference in whether you’re able to get the money you need. For further assistance, it may be a good idea to speak with a lawyer who handles unemployment claims and who can help you with the appeal.