Why Impounded Car Insurance Is A Must

For those who don’t know, a car impound or a vehicle/automobile impound is a legally bound area where all the cars that have been towed, summoned, or brought are kept until their legal dependents pay up their respective fines in order to release their vehicles. Once brought to the impoundment site, the defendants have a fixed number of days according to the notice given by police or the legal concerned authorities to come and get their car or vehicle or any such mode of transportation, or the cars are strategically moulded to provide the impoundment with some profits. According to the condition and depreciative years, the car is either wrecked, stripped, resold, auctioned off, or distributed to earn a significant money margin. However, your luck works its charms today and presents before you the good news – visits to the impoundment can be stopped or eliminated. The one main thing that needs to be done, as a precaution and as a measure, is to have an impounded car insurance, or else there’s nothing else that can be done.


Impound insurance


Cars or vehicles of dependents are usually towed, summoned, or brought by the law enforcement due to the reasons like – uninsured vehicle, expired license, wrong lane driving, wrong parking, etc. You can either reduce doing these or just simply just get an impounded car insurance as it makes everything easier. Such an insurance basically protects you and your vehicle by providing you with a financial cushion which you can rely upon if and when your vehicle or car is towed. Ensuring your car in time saves a lot of bucks. If you’ve insured your car, the entire insurance details are stored in an online server called the MID (Motor Insurance Database). And when your car or vehicle is summoned or brought to the impound, the respected officers, policemen, or concerned authorities can simply look up online for your insurance details. It is also extremely useful when your car’s number plate has been captured by one of that ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems installed almost around every corner or 4-way. When your car is towed, you can simply just ask the officer to take a look at the online records and he can find your name there under registered insurers.


Getting your car back


If your car has already been taken to the impound, then not a whole lot can be done apart from following the legally laid down steps and choose that very course of action to get your car or vehicle back. While going to the impound area, you’re going to have to carry your vehicle’s MOT certificate along with your driver’s license and the owner’s consent if you’re picking up the vehicle on behalf of someone. Furthermore, you’re going to need some cash in order to pay off the fines which usually account up to the impound fees, and your vehicular fees (120-300$ and 20-40$ respectively). Once done, you can have your car back.