Tourist Attractions in Kuta Bali

Confused looking for sites in Kuta Bali besides the beach? Here comes a variety of attractions in Kuta Bali’s famous and interesting place to visit. Kuta is a tourist area in Bali known for its white sand beaches and the surf beaches are a favorite for surfers. The white sand beach has become Bali’s Kuta tourist icon. For place to stay, you can see through bali kuta resort.

However, you need to know the that travel in Kuta Bali does not merely have to shore. There are many tourist spots of Kuta Bali the other popular place to visit than the beach. Approximately what ya sites in Kuta and surrounding areas? Curious is not it? Come see recommendation 10 tourist spots in Bali’s famous Kuta below.

List of Tourist Attractions in Kuta Bali The Famous And Interesting

1. Kuta Beach Bali

Who seh does not know the favorite tourist spot in Bali this one. Bali Kuta beach tourism is not only popular among domestic tourists, but also popular to foreign tourists. Kuta Beach, located south of the island of the gods and included interesting places in Bali are the main objectives of tourists visiting the island of Bali.

This beach is very famous and became the mainstay of beach resorts in Bali since the 70s. Kuta Beach, white sand with waves long and very large parts of the world surfers to test your nerve. Not one of them chose Kuta beach, as the best surfing locations in Bali.

2. Waterbom Bali

Tourist attractions in Kuta Bali is Waterbom Bali next. This attraction is a recreational vehicle or a water theme park, is perfect if you’re on holiday with the family. This park is one of the tourist spots in Bali for a child who is our recommendation.

Waterbom Bali water park has an area of ​​3.8 hectares and included a water slide world-class standards. There are nine types of games in the water park Waterbom, as it smashes down, pipe line, boogie ride and more.

3. Circus Waterpark Bali

One more tourist attractions in Kuta Bali featuring a lazy river as its flagship, the Circus Waterpark Bali. Circus Water Park Kuta Bali is one of the recreational vehicle water and there are several types of games, such as wave slide, spiral slide, lazy river, speed slides and a trampoline, which is generally a water park on the other.

4. Kuta Theater

For those of you who love theater performances combined with a magic show, then one of the Kuta Theater in Bali tourist spots that must be visited. Magic Theater Bali Kuta, offering Balinese dance performance with a modern feel, accompanied by magic shows with David Copperfield class that you can watch it directly.

5. Dream Museum Zone (DMZ)

Three-dimensional painting museum first and most popular in this Bali illusions exceptional image. You seemed obliged to carry a camera when visiting the museum in Bali that can capture images of spectacular. For those of you who like selfie or narcissistic, tourist attractions in Bali Kuta is very suitable and fitting you visit.