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The Ultimate Guide to Carrying Out Job Hazard Analysis

Determining some of the potential hazards in a job site is considered an important step before the hazards finally become a problem. We often hear about Job Safety Analysis but many of us still don’t know what it stands for. Job safety analysis is the process of analyzing a particular job and where It is situated to identify a number of potential hazards involved and how to keep the under control. By carrying out this analysis, you will be ensuring that the job is well planned and that the employees are now safe as they carry out their duties.

For JSA to serve its purpose fully, it needs to be cater for every aspect of the work. Most of the projects always require many job safety analysis especially if there are many process ongoing at the same time. JSA should be written by an experienced person who is highly knowledgeable to determine some of the hazards in a work place. In most cases, it’s the supervisor who carries out this task.

After you have completely analyzed every task involved at the workplace, you now need to break them down into easy steps. The steps should be specific to the job and also the work area. Hence any change in the work area will lead to a change in the steps as well. The JSA may be burdensome to the employees if the step are too detailed. At the same time, steps that are not adequately detailed may not cover for some of the hazards.

Next, you should now identify the hazards involved in every step. This is known to be the most clanging part when it comes to job safety analysis. At this stage, you ought to identify everything that may be a source of threat to the health and safety of the workers. Identify how the surrounding, people and even the materials used may become hazardous. Factors such as the manufacture’s instruction on the equipment, other ongoing activities near the wok area and causes of past accidents will help you determine a number of potential risks.

After identifying the hazards, the next stage is to determine the most effective control for them. Determining controls means explaining how to eliminate the dangers or how to reduce the risks. After completing the first three steps the job safety analysis should be ready to be discussed with the workers. The job hazard analysis will only serve its purpose it the when the employees have grasped every idea about it.

Before the work commence, it is of essence to go through the JSA to make sure that every employee knows what they are supposed to do in each area. Work plans often change and when this happens, it is a must for the JSA to be reviewed so that every new threat is reflected and shared with all the employees.

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