The Newest Senstation in Toys

One of the newest sensations in toys this year was actually invented in the 1990’s. Fidgets have been around for almost thirty years, but were not mainstream until now. Originally designed as tactile stimulation to help children concentrate on visual tasks, they were first given to kids with autism, ADHD, and anxiety. Fidgeting and distractions appeared to be reduced dramatically in some cases. There is some debate among professionals as to whether or not the gadget really helps, but kids and adults have begun to use the fidget spinner to keep still and attentive when essential. The toy exploded onto the market when it was demonstrated on several YouTube videos. People posted videos of friends doing tricks with the toy, clever ideas for use, and different types available.

A basic design is two or three prongs that are connected at a circular pad that contains a bearing. The user holds the center pad with one hand and sets it spinning periodically with the other hand. The toy has many variations, including up to six prongs, a blade design, and even a fidget cube toy. It is being used in classrooms to increase concentration, although a consensus as to the benefits has not yet been reached. Some schools are banning use in the classroom, while allowing them to be used in hallways and at lunch time. Professionals are using the toy during business phone calls, at meetings, and during conferences to reduce fidgeting behavior. It can be difficult for some adults to stay still for an hour or two at a time. The toy is quiet, discrete, and less destructive than playing with paper clips under the table. It is also cost-effective because it can be used over and over again.

Creative hobbyists and entrepreneurs are starting to custom design and sell the spinners on various websites and online outlets. These spinners also make excellent promotional gifts to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. They can be printed with the company or event name, a logo or emblem, a professional sports team, or even a school name for fundraising. Many companies that specialize in promotional gifts are offering the spinners in several sizes and materials. Plastic, wood, aluminum, copper, and alloys are used to create spinners. Consider spinners for the next business promotion and compare the results against the last promotional item provided to customers.