The importance of an plaques award

Speaking of awards, both the appreciation of something we produce and appreciation of our faith with love high on something, how important such an award? If we think about it, an appreciation seems to just want us to be seen, even though we have to realize how important a word of appreciation.

The award, in any form or for example in the form of award plaques, it can evoke a spirit by the award. An employee will be more eager to work, she felt cared for and required by the institution where he worked, and raised a motivation that is an intermediate variables used to explain the factors within the individual, which can generate, maintain and distribute behavior toward a goal certain.

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Motivation related to the power which is in man. Conversely, if an agency / company is already acting as if it does not matter on the employee, the employee will gradually nonsensical thinking about agencies / companies. For that we must not underestimate on an award.

We expect to a leader or authorized rewards do not be too stingy to give it to those who deserve it, even if the award is just a piece of paper signed by the competent authority but otherwise not too easy to give the award because it can also lead to the decline in the value of an award ,

Rewards not only by giving something that can be enjoyed or seen or used, but an award can be given to someone with a compliment or a form of plaques and awards. No human being would not be praised, both children, adolescents and adults, even a grandfather is still glad that he got a compliment from someone.