Recent Events where Trade Show Internet Provided Broadband Services

There are many events where Trade Show Internet has offered temporary wifi rental equipment as well as technical support for the success of these events. We want to discuss a few of these events that were recently hosted and where TSI was the internet service provider. The Fashion Show by Dior Cruise was held recently. The event was attended by 800 guests including Demi Moore and Rihanna. The headline music performance was done by Solange. The role of Trade Show Internet was to provide 250 Mbps of bandwidth for the attendees.

The Warner Brothers recently held a promotion of Wonder Woman film. They used 300 drones for the event. Trade Show Internet provided the bandwidth circuit for the connectivity during the event. The company also offered on-site IT support and 50 Mbps of point-to-point internet connection. Many more companies can also benefit from this kind of professional services when they visit the company website at

Another event at which Trade Show Internet provided the broadband connection was the Adidas Footwear Sales launch for 2018. The company conducted a training of its sales team as well as other representatives. The event was a theater style, kind of presentation. The role of TSI was to provide a dual 50 Mbps and 200 Mbps of point-to-point circuits bandwidth. There were over 1,000 attendees as well as the crew who enjoyed the fast internet that was provided.  Your company can also enjoy the services of TSI such as the wifi captive portal splash page and the high-quality internet for events.