Procedures of Registration and Re-registration of Vehicle

Under the section 39 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, it has been laid down that all the vehicle owners must get their vehicles registered. In a registration of the vehicle process, they are given a registration number, after which a registration certificate is given to the vehicle owner in his name. This registration certificate is an important document that proves that you are the legal owner of that vehicle. Hence, you can drive only after getting the registration of vehicle done by the registering authority.

Procedure of Registration of vehicle

It may take around 5 to 7 working days to register a vehicle. Often the dealers get the registration of vehicle done on the behalf of the owner to facilitate him. Else you can also get it done on your own if you feel that the dealer or the company is charging you more than required.

It is must be known to you that registration of the vehicle must be done within 7 days from the date of taking the delivery of your vehicle. The process of registration of the vehicle is as follows:

  • Visit the RTO of your city
  • Fill in the registration form also called as Form 20
  • You can also download the form from the following link – .
  • Submit the form along with the essential documents.
  • After the approval of the documents, a Motor Vehicle Inspector will examine the vehicle
  • You must pay the fees and taxes and take the receipt as well.
  • Thereafter, the applicant can collect his Registration Certificate.

The documents needed for registration of vehicle are:

  • Sale certificate given by the dealer.
  • Roadworthiness certificate given by the manufacturer.
  • Approval from Transport Commissioner.
  • Retail Invoice and Manufacturer Invoice of Car
  • Temporary registration papers, if any
  • Pollution Certificate papers
  • PAN number or Form no. 60 (2 copies)
  • Valid insurance papers
  • Address proof and ID proof
  • Chassis Imprint
  • Octroi receipt if registering in municipal limits.

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The registration certificate is valid for 15 years from the date of first registration of the vehicle in case of cars and two wheelers and must be renewed after every five years and in case of transport vehicles the registration certificate is valid till certificate of fitness is valid.

Procedure of Re- Registration of vehicle

If you’ve owned your car for more than 15 years, you will need to get re-registration of vehicle done. Re-registration of the vehicle is a process that needs to get repeated every 5 subsequent years as per the Motor Vehicles Act of India, 1988.

Re-registration of vehicle is also needed if you shift your vehicle to another state for more than one year. To apply for the change of address and re-registration, you must get a NOC from your home state RTO.

The process of re-registration of vehicle is mentioned here:

  • Visit the nearest RTO office of your city.
  • Fill up the re-registration form.
  • The inspection of your vehicle will be done by the concerned authority
  • If your vehicle is found non noisy and all the parts of your vehicle are found in working condition, then only RTO authorities will issue you the new registration certificate.
  • Submit the necessary documents
  • Pay the re-registration fee.
  • Get your re-registration certificate

The documents needed for Re-registration of vehicle are:

  • Form No 25
  • NOC from the original RTO in Form No 28
  • NOC from bank in case of car loan
  • The original Registration Certificate of the vehicle
  • A Pollution Under Control or PUC certificate
  • Fee Receipt
  • Clearance from the Financer in case of HPA
  • Proof of Address: Present and permanent address
  • Proof of Identity
  • Copy of Road tax you paid
  • 3 passport size photographs

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