Feng Shui Tips and Tricks on How To Clear Away the Clutter in Your Home

Every season, it is common for a home to accumulate clutter due to our activities. By the end of summer, beach shoes that smell damp, straw sun-hats and gritty sand start to clutter up our interiors, while in our outdoor areas, withered blooms and a rusting barbecue is calling out for our attention. But as invigorating as a great clear-out might be, it is wider opportunities which excite feng shui, says Sue Holmes, a consultant. She also states that feng shui is an art that creates harmony in our living spaces. From a traditional Chinese perspective, it involves balancing yin and yang, which creates a balance between stillness and areas that move, dark and light, soft and hard.

Home Comforts

Sue says a seasonal clear out needs to go further than just a few small irritations in order to get to the root of larger issues in the home. Clearing the clutter away from home and into storage facilities such as Blue Box Storage keeps the negative energy away from your home. Everything impacts on energy inside a room, which means a cumbersome and large fan could become an obstacle. But when it comes to making a dramatic difference to spaces in your home, this item could become a type of red herring.

Sue instead suggests that it is the factors that affect the flow of “chi” or “qi” which is an energy of the relationship between the home and a nearby road, alignment of the interior doors, or how the furniture is placed which really deserves more attention. Many people know about those spiky plants which give out negative energy known as “sha chi” or reasons why the toilet lids need to stay down. Yet they are not very likely going to be the more important considerations when it comes to feng shui of an individual’s home.

For Sue, improving feng shui in our environments that bring about a harmonious and comfy feeling is more “instinctive” than we may know. Think about the position of your bed in your room. You would never think about positioning the bed so your head is in the centre of your bedroom. It is more common to position your head against one of your walls. Positioning the bed between either a window or door is also not ideal, as chi flow across your bed is not very restful. It all involves creating a balance that is pleasant, beautiful and harmonious, to connect to subtle energies of a place that brings a room to life.

The Elements of Feng Shui

Five classical elements of Chinese culture include water, earth, metal, fire and wood that all need to balance. The consultants that specialise in feng shui work on invoking energies in locations that are significant which brings about positive changes when it comes to your prospects of happiness, wealth and health. It should not be taken literally. For example, water energy will mean something that flows, earth energy is associated with something that is nurturing, wood energy represents growth. It involves bringing about the very best potential of a building and using what you have while playing down negative points.

Addressing specific concerns or intentions using feng shui usually necessitates the assistance of a trained professional. Yet while some of the styles associated with feng shui, for example, “flying stars “will offer you with guidance that is detailed on ways to arrange living spaces, most consultants are in agreement that an approach that is more pragmatic can be as equally as powerful.

A Holistic Environment

For Anjie, feng shui is an approach that is truly holistic to living environments,  which integrate ecological awareness and mindfulness that result in creating spaces which support and nourish their inhabitants. An upshot involves a set of suggestions that are practical like a fiery red bed that stimulates passion, a stone sculpture or large stones that will “earth” a person that is a bit self-centred, a mirror or fish-tank that supports a connected feeling with others.

Similar to Sue, Anjie thinks we all need to reassess how our homes are supporting us. Anjie who is a professional holistic interior-architect, states that she often encounters people looking to integrate eco-friendly or feng shui designs into a business or their homes, yet they prefer to wait until they have moved or until the space is clean. These, of course, are a more appropriate time to redecorate or renovate, yet many people do not know is that you should be incorporating Greenliving and feng shui all the time. It involves a lot more than just moving your furniture around. It is more about shifting the environment energetically and physically in order to support the life you want to live.…

What Factors Affect The Revenue Growth Of The Toluene Market

Toluene, also known as methylbenzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon that is used in industrial feedstock and as a solvent. It is regarded as an aromatic compound due to the occurrence of a benzene ring in its chemical structure. The chemical is used as a hepatoprotective, neurotransmitter, beta-oxidant, anesthetic, as well as a depressant agent. Toluene is widely used in paint thinners, glues, nail polish removers, and in correction fluids.

Application of Toulene In Various Industries

Majorly toluene industries include the cosmetic, automobile and the stationery industry. For instance, formula one cars make extensive use of Toulene as a chemical. The cars are treated with Toulene as an anti-knock fuel because Toulene has a high boiling temperature and does not suffer combustion under low temperatures. Toulene also provides a high octane rating which makes it a good choice for technologically updated and race-oriented automobiles. Other applications of Toulene include industries producing explosives and dyes.

Market Factors Influencing Toluene Market

The Toluene market is highly dependent on the market of benzene and xylene as these two chemicals are the driving agents in the synthesis of Toluene. The Toulene market growth in terms of revenue and volume is further expected to expand with the growing demand for its derivatives such as Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Polystyrene (PS) and Cumene. A rise in the industrial feedstock and solvents demand is also expected to boost the demand for Toluene across the globe. The Toluene market is segmented into various factors including its derivative type, the geography of the end-user, and Toluene’s application.

Based on the derivatives of Toluene, it’s market can be classified into the market of benzene and xylene. The market of gasoline additives, benzaldehyde and benzoic acid, diisocyanates and other solvents also have a direct impact on the demand and production of Toluene. On the basis of application, Toluene’s functionality sees employment in the synthesis of drugs, cosmetic nail products, dyes and gardening catalysts such as pesticides and fertilizers. Toluene as a chemical is further segmented into being used in the ‘reformative process’, ‘pygas process’, in ‘styrene process’ and in the ‘coal process’.

The Scenario of Toluene’s Global Market

Toluene is foreseeing an increase in demand because it is widely used in gasoline blends. The chemical acts as an octane booster and characteristically maintains the energy content of gasoline to maintain and elongate is shelf-life. This is one of the reasons why Toluene is highly recommended and used amongst the petrochemical and metallic industries. Demand for aromatic compounds such as Toluene in petrochemical industries is trending among toluene derivatives distributor. This is because products such as synthetic fibers, agrochemicals, dyes, and elastomers are emerging factors in the growth of the Toluene market.

The global Toluene market is offering various opportunities to market players across the globe. The production of Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI) is expected to increase many folds in the coming few years. This is because of the heightened demand in polyurethanes. Key Toluene market players are factored on the rising investment costs in Toluene industries in developing countries.

Why Impounded Car Insurance Is A Must

For those who don’t know, a car impound or a vehicle/automobile impound is a legally bound area where all the cars that have been towed, summoned, or brought are kept until their legal dependents pay up their respective fines in order to release their vehicles. Once brought to the impoundment site, the defendants have a fixed number of days according to the notice given by police or the legal concerned authorities to come and get their car or vehicle or any such mode of transportation, or the cars are strategically moulded to provide the impoundment with some profits. According to the condition and depreciative years, the car is either wrecked, stripped, resold, auctioned off, or distributed to earn a significant money margin. However, your luck works its charms today and presents before you the good news – visits to the impoundment can be stopped or eliminated. The one main thing that needs to be done, as a precaution and as a measure, is to have an impounded car insurance, or else there’s nothing else that can be done.


Impound insurance


Cars or vehicles of dependents are usually towed, summoned, or brought by the law enforcement due to the reasons like – uninsured vehicle, expired license, wrong lane driving, wrong parking, etc. You can either reduce doing these or just simply just get an impounded car insurance as it makes everything easier. Such an insurance basically protects you and your vehicle by providing you with a financial cushion which you can rely upon if and when your vehicle or car is towed. Ensuring your car in time saves a lot of bucks. If you’ve insured your car, the entire insurance details are stored in an online server called the MID (Motor Insurance Database). And when your car or vehicle is summoned or brought to the impound, the respected officers, policemen, or concerned authorities can simply look up online for your insurance details. It is also extremely useful when your car’s number plate has been captured by one of that ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems installed almost around every corner or 4-way. When your car is towed, you can simply just ask the officer to take a look at the online records and he can find your name there under registered insurers.


Getting your car back


If your car has already been taken to the impound, then not a whole lot can be done apart from following the legally laid down steps and choose that very course of action to get your car or vehicle back. While going to the impound area, you’re going to have to carry your vehicle’s MOT certificate along with your driver’s license and the owner’s consent if you’re picking up the vehicle on behalf of someone. Furthermore, you’re going to need some cash in order to pay off the fines which usually account up to the impound fees, and your vehicular fees (120-300$ and 20-40$ respectively). Once done, you can have your car back.

Telepresence vs. Video Conferencing

Few companies today operate within a single space. In some industries, more than half of workers are remote.

82% of these workers say they need to collaborate with others to do their work; if over half of these people work off-site, your video conferencing room quickly becomes the most valuable piece of real estate at your organization.

Even if you already have a conferencing solution in place, upgrading to a system designed for your use and space has numerous benefits, from easier use and faster problem-resolution to improved productivity from distraction-free communication.

As AV technology evolves and improves, the options available on the market do too; today, there are hundreds of viable products and options which can produce highly functional conferencing solutions.

“Telepresence” is one such invention.

Telepresence – Sci Fi to Reality

Telepresence began as a science-fiction dream in the 1960s: what if you could attend meetings and interact with people as if you were actually there, but from anywhere on the planet? Since the 1990s, numerous breakthroughs in AV technology have made this idea closer and closer to reality.

We don’t (yet) have the option of projecting holographic images onto thin air, but we are getting remarkably close to creating the exact sensation of speaking to a group of people as if you’re all in the same room. With telepresence technology, participants in the conversation will look and sound as if they’re sitting right next to you.

Telepresence vs. Video conferencing: what’s the difference?

Telepresence conferencing provides the most high-definition experience possible during video conferencing. While “video conferencing” and “telepresence” are often used interchangeably, the underlying technology is slightly different.

Video Conferencing

Modern video conferencing provides crisp visuals and reliable, clear audio, over IP or internal networks.

While video conferencing works very well for many companies, one area where video conferencing can fall short is when presenting entire conference rooms of speakers with the same level of clarity you’d see if you were all in the same room. When participants are farther or closer to the microphone(s) and camera(s), most systems have a hard time portraying them with equal clarity.

Video conferencing solutions flatten whatever room you’re in – wherever that is – and portray it as is. When more than two or three people are participating in a video conference, it can quickly become difficult to distinguish who is speaking. They also require more end-user involvement in the operation, and can therefore also be more prone to glitches if improperly configured.


Telepresence conferencing provides the most high-definition experience possible during video conferencing.

“Telepresence” refers to tools which allow participants to feel as though they are actually in the same room as whoever they’re talking with.

One way to think about this is as a built-in, room-specific situation. Telepresence solutions take into account the dimensions, lighting, and acoustics of the space and replicates them accurately instead of just capturing data from a camera and microphone and reproducing it exactly.

Some solutions may replicate the appearance of the room on each side to create a more immersive experience – same chair in each room.

Telepresence solutions adjust the video to provide accurate, clear focus on each participant, even at a large conference table.

They also adjust the sound, with embedded spatial audio so that it’s always clear where sound is coming from. Instead of confusing sound coming from each participant on top of another, it becomes obvious who is speaking at all times.

In short, all people are clearly visible, and the focus doesn’t vary depending on how far they are from the screen. You’ll also hear them the same way you would in the room, instead of at varying volumes depending on how far they are from the mic.

Finally, telepresence doesn’t generally require as much end-user configuration, headsets, or other devices; this makes them easier to operate day-to-day, but also less portable.

Which is better – telepresence solutions or video conferencing?

In general, you will see the best quality and realism using a telepresence solution.

However, if you plan to regularly change which rooms are connected, it can be extremely costly to set up telepresence solutions in each room you’ll be using.

Cost is the biggest drawback in a telepresence solution. Simple video conferencing solutions can often be installed for as little as 5% of the cost of a high-end telepresence solution.

Interoperability may also be an issue if you need to communicate with others using multiple different vendors or solutions.

Just like high-definition movies, you’ll only see the quality supported by the lowest common denominator. (Think of watching a movie from the 1960s on a modern television set, or watching a HD movie on a 1960s television). A video conferencing solution communicating with a telepresence solution will only present the maximum quality supported by …

The Importance of Inventory and Order Management


Inventory order management refers to an effective way of monitoring the flow of products in and out of an existing stock. It involves management of the ordering process of new stock, how they are stored and when the stock is used. In addition, the inventory order management also involves managing the cost of stock which include the total value of goods plus additional charges such tax that is made on the value of the stock.

Aspects Necessary in Inventory and Order Management

There are key aspects to be considered in an inventory management .To begin with is the aspect of time like when stock is acquired and included in the inventory. It is therefore important to pay attention to the time the supplier takes to deliveries on orders that have been made and determining the time that it takes for a product to move out of the stock. Understanding these two makes it possible to know when to make an order and the number of units that need to be ordered thus promoting the continuous flow of production.

Another aspect to having an effective inventory and order management is being able to make proper calculations on those stocks that can be kept in high amount that is above the required limit and supplied there is high demand or to meet a future deficit that may arise in the market. Having these preventive measures helps in maintaining a continuous flow of the production process. Inventory and order management also involves making proper documentation of raw materials that have been delivered and how they have been used in operations and also . This aspect is also very important as it helps to know how to make adjustment to the amount of stock being ordered before they reach a point where the units are very low thus leading to interruption of work flow.

Lastly, other major aspect is that records of goods that are ready to be dispatched should be properly documented with lot accuracy. This involves recording the current production of finished goods and then adding it to the total amount of goods and making deductions of those good that have already been delivered recently to customers. For instance, https://www.stitchlabs.com/inventory-control/ has a software that makes this simple thus making it possible to have to the right information on the amount of stock that is available to be sold to consumers.

Tips of Having Good Inventory Management

There are also ways on how one can have a good inventory and order management and just to mention a few, one can set a minimum amount of stock that will always be needed at any to increase efficiency of the movement of stock. Another thing is to have an alternative option especially when faced with the unexpected situation like for instance when you run out of cash, late arrival of a consignment, running out of stock among others. It is therefore important at analyze such risk and then identify the potential one then makes a strategy on an alternative solution to the problem.

Gaucho Group is fighting off closure

Gaucho Group is fighting off closure

The once-popular Argentinian restaurant group Gaucho has called in the administrators and closed all 22 of its Cau restaurant outlets in the UK with immediate effect, resulting in 540 job losses.

Image Credit

Cau Restaurants

The more upmarket and established 15 Gaucho outlets owned by the group will remain open as it attempts to secure a buyer that will help it pay a £1 million tax bill.

Further Job Losses

A further 765 staff are employed by the Gaucho restaurants and the group’s head office, and these jobs will also be at risk if a buyer cannot be found.


Matt Smith, a representative of the accountants, put the chain’s troubles down to poor management. This week, he said: “Unfortunately, the Cau brand has struggled in the oversupplied casual dining sector with rapid over expansion, poor site selection, onerous lease arrangements and a fundamentally poor guest proposition. As such, the decision has been made to close this loss-making part of the group with immediate effect, unfortunately resulting in today’s redundancies.” However, he also said the Gaucho chain “continues to trade well in its market segment, is profitable and has a strong underlying brand and guest loyalty.” This increased hopes that a buyer will be found.

Image Credit


The chain is just the latest in a number of high street restaurants that have recently run into trouble, including Prezzo, Byron Burger and Jamie’s Italian, who have all been forced to shut outlets and cut hundreds of jobs in recent months.


Restaurants are under increasing pressure to meet consumer demand and offer high-quality food at a reasonable price. Showing customers what’s on offer is one way to entice them. For example, a Saladette Counter from companies such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/commercial-refrigeration-brands/i-l/interlevin/interlevin-esa900-refrigerated-saladette-counter means guests can see for themselves the freshness of the food before ordering.

Consumers are also wanting locally sourced produce. As this article recently published in the Jersey Evening Post shows, local goods are becoming more and more popular and a good way for local people to support their communities and businesses.

It is widely understood that restaurant and high street retailers are under increasing pressure from rising business rates, minimum wage costs and food prices. This, combined with a slowdown in consumer spending, is causing the problems currently being seen across the sector

How does technology affect our relationships?

Technology does not just affect the relationships of modern couples but is now an integral part of the everyday life.

Itshapes the way we communicate, make new acquaintances and even fall in love. According to a survey by the American Pew Research Center, 38% of people – estimated at 11% of the population – have used applications on their mobile or web pages to make new acquaintances. But how do these new ways of acquaintance and communication affect people’s relationships and how they shape our sociability and connection with others?

Technology enthusiasts believe that relationships have improved since technology offers more opportunities for new acquaintances and ongoing communication with our partner. However, there are also those who believe that technology does not allow people to come closer, have meaningful communication and more serious relationships.

The most important thing is to realize that the only way to build successful relationships over the internet is to transfer the relationship from the internet to ‘real’ life as quickly as possible. For those who use technology means like the ones mentioned at universal-robots.com for new acquaintances, they must take care to create a true profile with information that characterizes them at that time and of course not to lie about age, costs or interests.

Internet flirting, can not only lead us to the wrong people, but lacks direct communication. The impression that people shape from the profile of others has nothing to do with creating relationships, that is, the chemistry created online between two people may not be present at a four-fourth meeting. You could choose the perfect profile of someone but when you talk to him on the phone, you cannot even have a normal conversation.

Technology gives us the opportunity to communicate with more and more people but ultimately can create further problems in our existing relationships. Technology can move us away from our partner, friends, but also the opportunity to communicate effectively with someone, to observe his expressions without creating questions of trust or misunderstanding. People do not look at each other, but we need to use technology in smarter ways, such as using the phone instead of the email or the message to make more effective communication.

The inexhaustible use of technology and how universal it is  mean that it gives us the ability to communicate at the same time with many people but also with our partner who may be in the opposite home or in the next neighborhood or neighborhood as a result instead of facilitating us to creates a hidden problem in human relationships that are definitely not “built” online but through “face to face” communication, without realizing that the internet essentially alienates us and takes us away from the short of us, our friends, our friends and generally substantial, face-to-face communication that must have with the people who deliver us the power of companionship.

After all, it is always in the way we like to use technology for our relationship with other people. It is in the way we like to use it in order not to seem like we just want to take advantage of the other people. Technology is really into our lives and we need to find the right way to use it in order to be a beneficial fact instead of a disaster. We need to follow the rules of the development and at the meantime we got to understand the basic parts of every kind of relationship with the other people. This is how we are going to succeed in using all the technological means instead of being victims of them. It is deceptively simple, but not without it’s challenges.