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Why You Need the Safety Data Sheets

The safety data sheet is also known as the MSDS or the Material Safety Data Sheet and such is a type of document that provides information about the properties of the hazardous chemicals as well as how they are able to affect the health and the safety in the workplace. For instance, the SDS would include information on the health and physicochemical hazards, the identity of the chemical, emergency procedures, safe handling as well as storage procedures and also the disposal considerations. It is really important that you refer to the SDS if you are going to assess risks in the workplace.

Safety regulatory body requires the manufacturer or the importer of the dangerous chemical to prepare the SDS for the chemical. Aside from that, the supplier should provide the supplier or the manufacturer’s present SDS for hazardous chemical on the first supply to a workplace and on request.

The GHS SDS must be prepared when there is a chemical or formulation which is hazardous according to the different classes. The dealer, manufacturer, exporter or importer should prepare the sheets when the chemical matches the cut off value for danger classes. For example, if the chemicals fall into the acute toxicity class with a concentration limit of one percent or more, then this should have the right GHS SDS.
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If the chemicals are carcinogenic or they can affect the reproductive organs, the cut-off value must be less than 0.1 percent. The format can be standardized and this would also require compliance with each section of the 16 sections relevant to the identification, composition, first-aid measures, fire-fighting, accidental release, handling, exposure control, stability and others. If it is only one chemical, then it will be easy to decide. When the chemical forms a part in the formulation, then the task would be much more complicated and would require expert help for proper classification.
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The preparation of the SDS should include minimum information related to the GHS product identifier. Such would also include the use of the chemical and the restrictions and the hazard classification. The manufactures would hesitate when revealing the chemical formulation or ingredients but this is a prerequisite and must be done in a manner that guarantees confidentiality while revealing the right amount of information and this is the area that the experts are quite knowledgeable of.

Also, it is quite important that the contents should be couched in simple language that is devoid of any ambiguities. The professionals who are involved in the preparation of the data sheets do know of the pitfalls of the language use and they know how to avoid them so as to make the contents very clear irrespective of the geographic locations and the language usage in different countries.