Examining The Requirements For A Divorce

In Singapore, divorce petitioners identify the most suitable manner to file for a divorce. An attorney can help them with these endeavors without difficult. They can also define the petitioner’s rights throughout the case. The following is an examination of the requirements for a divorce in Singapore.

Divorce Grounds that are Available

The most commonly used divorce ground is an irretrievable breakdown. The ground eliminates blame on both sides of the case. It is the most commonly ground used to prevent a contested divorce. However, it doesn’t guarantee an uncontested divorce. With these grounds, the petitioner doesn’t need to secure additional evidence to support their claim. All they need is the defendant to respond to the motion with a waiver. However, if they fail to answer the summons in sixty days, a default judgment is rendered.

How is Child Custody Determined?

Child custody is determined by a judge if the couple cannot reach an agreement. It is determined according to which parent can provide the most suitable home. However, in some cases, joint custody is provided to offer each parent the same amount of time with their children. One parent may acquire the children throughout the school year, while the other acquires them during the summer months.

When is Alimony Assigned?

Alimony is assigned when a spouse cannot acquire the same standard of living as they had during the marriage. These payments make up for the difference in their earnings that provides this lifestyle.

How are Prenuptial Agreements Managed?

Prenuptial agreements are managed according to the terms set up by the couple. The agreement is honored in these proceedings. If specific terms applied to adultery, the plaintiff must file using these grounds initially. The terms are upheld if the spouse is proven to have been unfaithful during their marriage.

In Singapore, divorce petitioners acquire assistance from attorneys when they need to start their case. The attorneys show them what is required to achieve a divorce in this region. This may include providing evidence based on their chosen divorce grounds. Petitioners who need to start their divorce case right now visit irblaw.com.sg for further details.