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Suggestions to Treat Double Vision With Vision Therapy

Sadly, few people have ever heard of vision therapy. It is the best-kept secret in eye care. The few individuals who know anything about it think it’s the Bates Method. But Bates is no longer applicable. The approach only focuses on the muscles. Now, we understand, furthermore, vision therapy functions by retraining the way the brain processes visible images. It is similar to visual biofeedback than eyesight callisthenics. Using current approaches, we get better, more long-term results than Bates did. Today’s vision therapy helps treat many vision-damaging eye problems. Below are a few of the hints you’ll be able to consider to take care of your eye conditions.

Some people who sustain brain injuries in car or other accidents mostly recuperate, except that they experience blurred or double vision. They are usually told they have to live with that, but vision therapy … Read More

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What You Should Know About Keeping Dogs Safe on a Walk

For those who love dogs, there aren’t too many things that are more fun than getting the chance to go on a walk. When you’re able to head out to get some exercise and a little bit of fresh air, you’ll feel a much greater sense of life. It’s also fun for dogs to get a chance to explore the land around their homes.

Of course, the world is full of hazards that can end up making it a whole lot more difficult to keep you feeling as safe as possible. In the article below, we’ll look at a few of the best tools you can buy for your dog to help you both enjoy your walks completely.

If you’re going out for a walk, you’ll find that your biggest concern is likely to be ending up getting in … Read More