Procedures of Registration and Re-registration of Vehicle

Under the section 39 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, it has been laid down that all the vehicle owners must get their vehicles registered. In a registration of the vehicle process, they are given a registration number, after which a registration certificate is given to the vehicle owner in his name. This registration certificate is an important document that proves that you are the legal owner of that vehicle. Hence, you can drive only after getting the registration of vehicle done by the registering authority.

Procedure of Registration of vehicle

It may take around 5 to 7 working days to register a vehicle. Often the dealers get the registration of vehicle done on the behalf of the owner to facilitate him. Else you can also get it done on your own if you feel that the dealer or the company is charging you more than required.

It is must be known to you that registration of the vehicle must be done within 7 days from the date of taking the delivery of your vehicle. The process of registration of the vehicle is as follows:

  • Visit the RTO of your city
  • Fill in the registration form also called as Form 20
  • You can also download the form from the following link – .
  • Submit the form along with the essential documents.
  • After the approval of the documents, a Motor Vehicle Inspector will examine the vehicle
  • You must pay the fees and taxes and take the receipt as well.
  • Thereafter, the applicant can collect his Registration Certificate.

The documents needed for registration of vehicle are:

  • Sale certificate given by the dealer.
  • Roadworthiness certificate given by the manufacturer.
  • Approval from Transport Commissioner.
  • Retail Invoice and Manufacturer Invoice of Car
  • Temporary registration papers, if any
  • Pollution Certificate papers
  • PAN number or Form no. 60 (2 copies)
  • Valid insurance papers
  • Address proof and ID proof
  • Chassis Imprint
  • Octroi receipt if registering in municipal limits.

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The registration certificate is valid for 15 years from the date of first registration of the vehicle in case of cars and two wheelers and must be renewed after every five years and in case of transport vehicles the registration certificate is valid till certificate of fitness is valid.

Procedure of Re- Registration of vehicle

If you’ve owned your car for more than 15 years, you will need to get re-registration of vehicle done. Re-registration of the vehicle is a process that needs to get repeated every 5 subsequent years as per the Motor Vehicles Act of India, 1988.

Re-registration of vehicle is also needed if you shift your vehicle to another state for more than one year. To apply for the change of address and re-registration, you must get a NOC from your home state RTO.

The process of re-registration of vehicle is mentioned here:

  • Visit the nearest RTO office of your city.
  • Fill up the re-registration form.
  • The inspection of your vehicle will be done by the concerned authority
  • If your vehicle is found non noisy and all the parts of your vehicle are found in working condition, then only RTO authorities will issue you the new registration certificate.
  • Submit the necessary documents
  • Pay the re-registration fee.
  • Get your re-registration certificate

The documents needed for Re-registration of vehicle are:

  • Form No 25
  • NOC from the original RTO in Form No 28
  • NOC from bank in case of car loan
  • The original Registration Certificate of the vehicle
  • A Pollution Under Control or PUC certificate
  • Fee Receipt
  • Clearance from the Financer in case of HPA
  • Proof of Address: Present and permanent address
  • Proof of Identity
  • Copy of Road tax you paid
  • 3 passport size photographs

Insurance Papers…

7 top reasons why your business needs a website

Research shows that some small businesses still don’t have a website, in fact, many of them doubt the effectiveness of having a dedicated website for their business.

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But with Irish consumers now spending €850,000 online every hour, businesses can’t afford not to have a website presence, no matter what their size or sector.

Let’s look at the top 7 reasons why a business should have a website.

They’re used

Like it or not, €12.3 billion is spent on Irish websites each year, and you can’t afford to miss out on those customers because you don’t have a website.

They’re quick

Website agencies now can have a website up and running within a month, from registering your domain, to design conception to development and launch!

They’re straightforward

You can now create your own website using a number of online tools. However, we would suggest working with a website designer to create something that works properly in the search engines. After all, there’s no point in having a website if people can’t find it.…

Introducing the Coupe: An Alternative to the Champagne Flute

We all tend to reach for a traditional flute when celebrating a special occasion with some fizz, but the more sophisticated coupe, reminiscent of the Roaring 20s and The Great Gatsby, is making a comeback.

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Classic Style

Champagne, prosecco and sparkling wine tend to be served in tall flutes, but the coupe, a symbol of a more glamorous time, is seeing a massive rise in popularity. One glassware distributor, Artis, says sales of the flatter circular glass are up 30% and says its resurgence is down to its versatility. Not only can coupes be used for champagne and other sparkling wines, but they are also suitable for a wide range of cocktails.

With their extra sense of elegance, coupes could soon be outselling traditional flutes as cocktail culture continues to be popular and customers look for something out of the ordinary.

Change of Style

Many restaurants and bars have caught on to the trend for coupe glasses and are stocking up to give customers what they want. Anyone splashing out on a bottle of champagne wants to feel and look sophisticated, and the coupe can help establishments achieve that air of glamour.

This means they have to consider storage and cleaning of the glasses, however, and some may have to consider whether their warewashers are up to the job of keeping coupes looking their best. They can research and get advice on commercial glass washers from a supplier such as

Taste Matters

Wine connoisseurs know that the shape of a glass can dramatically chance the taste of a drink, so when you are quaffing an expensive champagne, you want to make the best choice.

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Coupes, or champagne saucers as they are also known, have a wide shallow bowl and are the oldest type of champagne glass. The Guardian says that a traditional flat coupe glass delivers bubbles regularly and at a slow speed. This ensures that flavour is delivered to the air gradually.

Bubbles play a vital role in how a sparkling wine is perceived by the drinker, and they should ideally start at the bottom of a glass. Coupe glasses are considered particularly suitable for vintage champagnes because they allow the flavour to develop through aeration as CO2 rises and dissipates. So if you are looking for a better drinking experience, give them a try.…

House Removal Experts

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8 Things You need to be prepared before starting a business

There is pride when business dream can be realized. But not enough to stop here. Many of the challenges that will lie ahead, including when you will release your new business. Launching this effort could be the benchmark of the success of your business.If you need more cash, you can get a loans tips through

Well, for those who want to release a new business, there’s nothing wrong peek following tips.

1. Plan, but remains flexible
Before launching your business, plans and strategies must be done. Only when you have a solid plan, you can run your business. Because, planning to minimize errors in the future. But remember, the best plan may also change depending on conditions. Be flexible and adapt to change.

2. Know your products and markets
Before you start any business, it is important to conduct a study of the market, your competitors, and how they launch their business. Is your product a competitive sales value? When is the best time to introduce your new business? Who are your customers? The answer of these questions can determine the future direction of your business.

3. Be Unique
For anyone who wants to start a new business, it’s important to be yourself. A unique business, have a greater chance to succeed. Is your product has its own story? Whether your product is your own creations or because the market demand?

4. Building a successful team
Create a network with people who do have the capacity to match your efforts. Join groups and organizations allow you to promote your business and meet people who can help you. Never be afraid to ask questions. Being an entrepreneur means you always learn something from someone!

5. Marketing Tricks
People do not buy what they do not know. Give your products as efficiently as possible. Marketing through social media or word of mouth is an effective way and sometimes more successful. Can also occasionally partnering with a media promo activities.

6. Be prepared for the long haul
There are no success stories that happen overnight. An entrepreneur is able to learn from mistakes and do not get discouraged. Remember why you can start your journey and never give up. While it may seem easier to go back to your work, not worth having ever is. Your mentor will be there to encourage you when times are tough. A commitment to a successful business owner is the distinguishing factor between businesses that stand the test of time and they are not.

7. You have to invest in your business
In entrepreneurship, you get paid when you produce results. You have to invest time and money. Look at your business like one of your children. A lot of time, effort, and money goes into raising children productive. While raising children, you believe in them and their potential even when they stumble. You continue to encourage and invest in it. You never give up on your children or consider them useless. Do the same with your business.

8. There are no shortcuts
Taking shortcuts may get results, but they will not survive. Listen to the advice of your mentor, then roll up your sleeves and start working. Hard work will always beat talent, no matter the industry.

Entrepreneurship is an incredible journey. Before you get started, develop a relationship with a mentor. Ready to go the distance to see success. If you have never started a business or feel like you do not have access to the money needed to start one, consider building a first home based business and use the revenue to invest in your business idea. You have to invest in your business before you see the benefits. Hard work and discipline is the only way to see success.…

What are the pension options for self-employed people?

There are more than 4.5 million self-employed people in the UK, and only 18 per cent of them are contributing to a pension.

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Thousands of people join the ranks of the self-employed each year, but many are wary of saving for their future. Seven out of ten people do not understand the tax breaks they provide and are confused about the advantages of contributing to pensions. As self-employed incomes fluctuate, they are not aware that the pension’s contributions can be flexible.

Income tax

Employers pay toward their employees’ pension, which is not the case if you’re self-employed. If you’re a basic taxpayer, however, for every £100 you contribute to a pension, the provider will claim £25 from HMRC and this will go into your pension pot.

State Pension

Self-employed people are entitled to the State Pension in the same way as anyone else. In 2016, a new flat-rate State Pension was introduced based entirely upon your National Insurance contributions. The earlier you start paying into a pension, the better, as your contributions will grow and you get the tax relief.


There are many types of pensions available. If you’re unsure which is best, get advice from a financial advisor. They have access to back office systems for IFAs like and can explain how the different plans work.

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There are two pension options. A stakeholder pension is designed to be simple and makes sense if you are on an irregular or low income, while a self-invested personal pension offers more flexibility as you choose where your money is invested and the risk level. This can give you a much higher return than the stakeholder option.

Other savings options are available, especially if you want to have easy access if required. A simple Cash ISA is a tax-free savings account that allows you to save £15,400 per year. A stocks and shares ISA allows you to invest up to £15,400 per year tax-free, whilst a Lifetime ISA is available from April 2017 for those under 40 years old with annual contributions of up to £4,000 and an annual bonus of 25 per cent from the government.

Take advice from an advisor, who can make recommendations and search the market for the best deal for you. Make your money work for you; it’s more straightforward than you think.…

How to add a divine touch in your corporate gifts?

Best corporate gifts
It is important to maintain cordial relations with your colleagues and superiors at workplace to get desired professional outcomes. There are various things that people do in order to keep their bosses in good spirit. Offering corporate gifts is another way to improve your reputation in the business environment.

If you are unable to establish effective professional relationship, it will cast doubts on the plans of your professional growth. It is important to pursue your business interests by sending best corporate gifts to your seniors at a work environment. If you think that your superior is a bit inclined towards spirituality, check out some of the corporate gift with a divine twist.

Offer a statue of Lord Buddha- We all are aware about the impact of Feng Shui and the “Laughing Buddha” that became so much popular along with it. The statue of Lord Buddha is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and well-being for the receiver. Thus, they can be an ideal corporate gift for your superior or boss who is a God fearing man. So, gift the one to him/her without any further delay.

Send good luck plants to your boss- Plants are always a great option as corporate gifting as they tends to improve the internal environment and promotes better living conditions. Similarly, good luck plants have emerged as one of the best corporate gifts for the people in the recent times. There are wide range of good luck plants such as Lucky Bamboo plant, Bonsai plant, Draceana plant or other plant varieties that are available at Ferns N Petals for corporate gifting.

Offer a spiritual book or religious text as a corporate gift- In case, your boss is inclined towards spiritualism and loves to read a lot of spiritual texts, it would be great to offer a spiritual book of his/her choice as a corporate gift. This small sweet gesture will be appreciated by your boss and you will be rewarded for it at the suitable time.

Provide a divine experience to your boss by booking a naturopathy or spa session- There is a lot of pressure, tension and anxiety among the people who are working at the top managerial level. This leads to the accumulation of stress and affects the emotional well-being to a great extent. In order to offer a peaceful and divine experience to your boss, it can be one of the best corporate gifts if you can book a naturopathy or spa session for him/her.

So, by following all these corporate gifting tips, you can easily offer a divine and spiritual experience to your superiors or bosses at the workplace. It is time to adopt any of these cool tips that are known as the best corporate gifts and contain a spiritual angle along with them.…