What are the pension options for self-employed people?

There are more than 4.5 million self-employed people in the UK, and only 18 per cent of them are contributing to a pension.

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Thousands of people join the ranks of the self-employed each year, but many are wary of saving for their future. Seven out of ten people do not understand the tax breaks they provide and are confused about the advantages of contributing to pensions. As self-employed incomes fluctuate, they are not aware that the pension’s contributions can be flexible.

Income tax

Employers pay toward their employees’ pension, which is not the case if you’re self-employed. If you’re a basic taxpayer, however, for every £100 you contribute to a pension, the provider will claim £25 from HMRC and this will go into your pension pot.

State Pension

Self-employed people are entitled to the State Pension in the same way as anyone else. In 2016, a new flat-rate … Read More

How to add a divine touch in your corporate gifts?

Best corporate gifts
It is important to maintain cordial relations with your colleagues and superiors at workplace to get desired professional outcomes. There are various things that people do in order to keep their bosses in good spirit. Offering corporate gifts is another way to improve your reputation in the business environment.

If you are unable to establish effective professional relationship, it will cast doubts on the plans of your professional growth. It is important to pursue your business interests by sending best corporate gifts to your seniors at a work environment. If you think that your superior is a bit inclined towards spirituality, check out some of the corporate gift with a divine twist.

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Tourist Attractions in Kuta Bali

Confused looking for sites in Kuta Bali besides the beach? Here comes a variety of attractions in Kuta Bali’s famous and interesting place to visit. Kuta is a tourist area in Bali known for its white sand beaches and the surf beaches are a favorite for surfers. The white sand beach has become Bali’s Kuta tourist icon. For place to stay, you can see through bali kuta resort.

However, you need to know the that travel in Kuta Bali does not merely have to shore. There are many tourist spots of Kuta Bali the other popular place to visit than the beach. Approximately what ya sites in Kuta and surrounding areas? Curious is not it? Come see recommendation 10 tourist spots in Bali’s famous Kuta below.

List of Tourist Attractions in Kuta Bali The Famous And Interesting

1. Kuta Beach Bali

Who seh does not know the favorite tourist … Read More

The importance of an plaques award

Speaking of awards, both the appreciation of something we produce and appreciation of our faith with love high on something, how important such an award? If we think about it, an appreciation seems to just want us to be seen, even though we have to realize how important a word of appreciation.

The award, in any form or for example in the form of award plaques, it can evoke a spirit by the award. An employee will be more eager to work, she felt cared for and required by the institution where he worked, and raised a motivation that is an intermediate variables used to explain the factors within the individual, which can generate, maintain and distribute behavior toward a goal certain.

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They have a many selections of products, such as: … Read More

How Do Big Businesses Deal With Their Finances?

If you’re a small business, then you already know that money management is key. Whether you sell goods or services, the ultimate bottom line is that you need to make a profit in order to continue to run. You will also know that in the first year, this is the hardest to make profit, and generally breaking even is the indicator of success for a start-up. However, this is totally different when it comes to big business, and how they manage their finances and cashflow. Money management is crucial in both small and large businesses, but the way they carry this out is often very different.

What Is A Large Business?

Within the Companies Act 2006, a large business is defined as a business with over 250 employees, and large businesses are often separated in terms of ownership and management. Large businesses will also have an established trading history, and … Read More