What are the different types of mutual funds available in India?

If you are just starting out with mutual funds, it might be daunting for you. After all, your money is at stake. It is advised to gain some knowledge about mutual funds before making investments.

Mutual funds have been divided into different types. It becomes crucial to know about different types so that you can invest your money according to your financial goal, ability to invest, and risk tolerance. Check out different types of mutual funds and begin your innings as an investor in mutual funds.

There are three broad categories and all mutual fund types fall into these categories:


  • Equity Funds


These funds invest your money in stocks or shares of companies. You can expect high returns and high risks in this category. Investing in equity funds for a long term is a wise idea.


  • Debt Funds


Debt funds comprise of company debentures, fixed income assets, government bonds, and so on. You can expect moderate returns and low-risk profile. These are ideal for senior citizens who cannot afford to take risks at a critical age.


  • Money Market Funds


These are highly liquid instruments comprising of treasury bills, commercial papers, and so on. These investments are available for a short-term up to a year. Returns are low but immediately available.

Mutual Fund Types

  • Liquid Funds – As the name suggests, these are highly liquid funds that invest your money for a maturity period of maximum 91 days. Don’t expect high returns in this segment.
  • Fixed Maturity Plans – Similar to fixed deposits, these are close-ended mutual funds. You can expect higher returns than fixed deposits. After you invest your money, you can redeem amount on or before the maturity date.
  • Short-term Funds – These are debt funds with a maturity period of one to three years. You can expect high returns if the interest rates are high.
  • Ultra Short-term funds – The tenure of investments varies from a few months up to a year. These funds are suitable for parking surplus amount.
  • Dynamic Bond Funds – These funds comprise of both debt securities and money market instruments. The maturity period is not fixed and the fund manager is responsible for the managing the portfolio
  • Gilt Funds – These are solely invested in government securities. The interest rate fluctuations are considerably high. Invest for a longer duration to harness impressive returns.
  • Income Funds – The amount is invested in corporate bonds, government bonds, and money market securities. The risk associated with these investments is fairly high. If you invest for a long time, you can reap high returns.
  • Equity-oriented Hybrid Funds – The majority of the corpus, at least 65%, is invested in equities. The rest of the money is parked in debt funds. Thus, the volatility is reduced in case the equities doesn’t perform as per expectations.
  • Large-cap funds – The money of the investor goes into buying shares of established companies with large market capitalization. The risk is relatively low and the rates are more than average. Since companies are already established, the chances of blunders are less.
  • Diversified Funds – The corpus is invested into stocks of large-cap, small-cap, and mid-cap companies. The role of a fund manager is crucial in this segment.
  • Small & Mid-cap Funds – As evident by the name, money is invested into stocks of small and mid-cap companies. The risk is very high and the returns can be equally rewarding as well.
  • Equity-linked Saving Schemes – ELSS invests the majority of the corpus in stocks. Under this scheme, you can avail tax benefits for an investment of up to Rs 1.5 lakh per annum under Section 80C. The minimum lock-in period is three years.
  • Sector Funds – These funds are the riskiest amongst all the funds. If you have immense knowledge pertaining to business sectors in the economy, you should go ahead with sector funds.

Commercial Property Investing Tips for Beginners

Many people have dreams of starting a property investment business, but they have little or no skills to do so. This guide will help you realise the do’s and don’ts when starting the venture as a beginner and the benefits that come with them. You will also find some great ideas for the kind of real estate investments that you can choose from depending on your passion and budget.

Property Investment Tips The idea behind starting a property investment business is to put your money in a field where its value will escalate in future and enjoy the profits realised from it. While venturing into real estate business, you need to plan to ensure that the amount of gain achieved from the property after a certain period will be abundant to cover the risk of maintaining your business, insurance, utilities, taxes, and ownership. To succeed in property investment business, you need to first start with purchasing the property. You may not have enough money to buy as much property as you may need, and as a result, you may seek financing from banks. While owning property, always ensure that you avoid bankruptcy to avoid repossession of your ventures by the money lenders. The best idea to ensure that you pay your loans on time is to make sure that you have a constant flow of income from your business. Generating rent will enhance loan repayment and make it easier for you to expand your real estate venture by purchasing more property.

What Can You Afford?

Benefits of Investment Many beginners in the real estate business do not have enough capital to start the venture. Not having enough money to start the business should not hold you back from starting your dream real estate venture. You contact banks and money lenders to get a boost on your capital and start a buy-to-let investment. Instead of investing in a £100,000 property, for example, you could get a better landlord deal where you can get a financing of up to £160,000 payable at a rate of 3.89%, in a duration of five years. This loan will make it possible for you to acquire a property worth £260,000 which you can rent at £1,200 per month to service your loan. With maintenance costs, tax and agents’ fee put into consideration; you could be averaging a rent of £1,000 per month, which is still adequate to repay your loan. By the end of your repayment period, you will be enjoying the full rent amount, and the price of your property will have considerably escalated.

Finding the Correct Area to Invest In The returns on your investment are largely based on its location. You need to consider an area that has the highest growth potential, high employment rate and demand in rental houses to ensure that the price of your property escalates continuously. Some of the areas that you may consider setting up your real estate venture in the UK are Hart-Hampshire, Stratford-on-Avon, East Renfrewshire, Maidenhead and Windsor, Rushcliffe, among others.

Different Types of Real Estate Investment Real estate investments come in various forms that you need to acquaint yourself with before planning for your perfect venture. Some of the compelling factors that make investors choose one over the other is the capital required, legal requirements and the will to take a more significant risk.

Residential Property Investment – These are the most common forms of real estate due to their affordability. They are townhouses, apartments or vacation houses where individuals pay rent to live in them.

Commercial Property Investment – These are skyscrapers and office buildings and can be leased to small business owners or companies.

Industrial Property Investment – This is a kind of venture which is based on a long-term agreement for business such as warehouses, car washes and car storage units.

Retail Property Investment – This venture is made up of strip malls, shopping malls and retail forefronts where the landlord r4eceives a certain percentage of the sales generated on top of an agreed rent. Invest in Property with These Simple Steps The below ideas can help you realise your property investment dream and stay on top of the game. Buy without selling – Hold your investment as long as possible until you feel that the market price is high enough. Buy high-end property – Invest in valuable property that has a potential of growing and selling fast. Go against the market trend – Buy property when the investors are selling, and sell yours when they are buying. Take risks – Do not fear to borrow from banks and money renders to expand your business, as long as it is a good debt. Be focused – Plan your investment strategy and stick to it to realise your goal.…

4 Factors That Can Destroy Trading

What we think will affect the way we act. including in the forex trading world. Not just negative thoughts that will cause failure, but too much hope will also be fatal. You must try and think positively. The following thoughts should you avoid when trading forex.


Almost all traders are familiar with this type of emotion. Namely the desire to gain profit as much as possible in a very short time. Often the desired profit is not realistic by increasing risk or reward ratio. Greed is due to excessive confidence.
They are not aware that in forex trading cannot expect. A definite result of any trade we do because the market price movements are randomly distributed for more info please visit fxtrade777. Although you use a trading strategy with a high percentage of profit you can not ensure profit or loss.


The fear of market entry usually occurs after the trader loses consecutively. Within reasonable limits, the fear has a positive impact in trading. You will always use stop loss for fear of great loss, and you will also apply risk management by determining the size of lot trading in accordance with the loss that you dare to bear. Fear is basically a natural response in order for us to survive in the marketplace more info please click tradesprime
Excessive fear will make traders miss out on entry opportunities. When a valid trading signal has appeared. In this case, we must realize that in the random distribution of the last trading result has nothing to do with the trade result that we will do.


Excessive or unrealistic expectations in trading can be dangerous. Hope for always profit often deviates trader from the agreed trading plan. It will shift the stop loss when the price movement approaches that level, in the hope that the price movement will reverse, or move the target level (take profit) in the hope that the price will still move in accordance with its prediction. This type of emotion is the basis of greedy nature. If the trade turns into a profit, with the habit of expecting an excess he will tend to be greedy (greed).


Continual regret will crush the trading slowly. Retribution usually arises after the trader loses multiple entry times, wrong entry or after suffering substantial losses. If not quickly overcome, this type of emotion will be developed into fear in the market (fear), and in extreme cases can make it leave the world of trading. Once again the trader must realize that the last trading result has nothing to do with the trade result.
To prevent the emergence of these four types of emotions, we must always be aware of whether we are being seized by these emotions when trading.…

How to make a barring referral to the DBS

Barring referrals are used to identify particular individuals who may pose a potential risk to the safety and well-being of children or vulnerable adults. They provide a record of concerns that someone may have harmed a child or vulnerable adult. The Disclosure and Barring Service is responsible for barring referrals. In some circumstances, automatic referrals are made. These apply to anyone who is convicted or cautioned for particular specified serious offences.

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Who can make a barring referral

Employersand volunteer managers can make these referrals. If a private individual has safeguarding concerns, they should raise the matter with social services, the police or the relevant person’s employer. Those agencies have an obligation to investigate the concerns and, if appropriate, make the barring referral.

When should a referral be made?

Automatic referrals aside, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, it may help to consider the following: -Is there a concern that the individual has harmed or poses a potential risk of harm to a vulnerable adult or child? -Has the individual satisfied the harm test? -Was the individual in receipt of a caution or conviction for an offence relevant to the current concern? -Is the individual working in a regulated activity or might they do so in the future?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, the DBS may decide that the individual in question should be added to a barred list.

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What is meant by “harm”?

There is no exhaustive definition, but it might include physical, sexual, emotional, financial, verbal or psychological harm, or neglect.

When is it disclosed that an individual is on a barred list?

DBS checks carried out by an employer, voluntary organisation or umbrella body such as Carecheck will show whether someone is on a barred list if the type of check that is carried out is an enhanced check with barred lists. Individuals who are concerned about what their DBS check might reveal can get useful help and support from Unlock, a charity that provides support for those with convictions.

How is a referral made?

There is an online form, or the procedure can be carried out by post. Either way, certain prescribed information must be provided. An online referral, which is recommended, necessitates registering for a DBS online services account. The referrer will not necessarily be informed of the outcome.…

Strategies for Integrating Your Business Website and Social Media Presence

Are you maximising the power of social media on your website? If you’re not sure of the answer, you could be missing out on potential sales and increasing your customer base. To make sure your business website and social media platforms are working harmoniously to promote your brand, have a look below for some simple tips that can help you.

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Include Visible Social Media Buttons

It may seem an obvious choice, but best practice suggested by any professional web development company in London implies that if social media buttons are displayed on the bottom, top or alongside your homepage, they’re more useful than if placed elsewhere. If there are some media platforms that you have stopped using, refrain from including them, as inactive channels can often do more harm than good.

Use Analytics

If you haven’t already set up Google Analytics, then it’s about time you did, as it focuses attention on the way users are clicking on your social media buttons. The easiest way to do this is to install Google Analytics’ Event Tracking, which allows you to track individuals who click on your outbound links. Use the information Google provides to reassess how productive your buttons are on pages.

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Include Share Buttons

You could be missing out on a host of potential customers if you have an e-commerce site and haven’t added share buttons to the displayed product pages. After all, if you have products to sell, then you want your users to share and recommend them and make it easy as possible for them to do this. The same advice applies if you have a blog or other valuable content on your website.

Don’t Overdo It

You want to make certain that important information and products are easily shared on your website, but you don’t want to bombard your users with too many social media buttons which aren’t needed. In fact, it’s likely to confuse an individual instead. Question whether the information is worth sharing – and if it isn’t necessary, don’t add them to the page. However, if you’re in any doubt, seek advice from a professional web development company in London. Difficult as it can often be, always try to keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape of social media so you can optimise your website and build a successful business.…

Recent Events where Trade Show Internet Provided Broadband Services

There are many events where Trade Show Internet has offered temporary wifi rental equipment as well as technical support for the success of these events. We want to discuss a few of these events that were recently hosted and where TSI was the internet service provider. The Fashion Show by Dior Cruise was held recently. The event was attended by 800 guests including Demi Moore and Rihanna. The headline music performance was done by Solange. The role of Trade Show Internet was to provide 250 Mbps of bandwidth for the attendees.

The Warner Brothers recently held a promotion of Wonder Woman film. They used 300 drones for the event. Trade Show Internet provided the bandwidth circuit for the connectivity during the event. The company also offered on-site IT support and 50 Mbps of point-to-point internet connection. Many more companies can also benefit from this kind of professional services when they visit the company website at https://www.tradeshowinternet.com.

Another event at which Trade Show Internet provided the broadband connection was the Adidas Footwear Sales launch for 2018. The company conducted a training of its sales team as well as other representatives. The event was a theater style, kind of presentation. The role of TSI was to provide a dual 50 Mbps and 200 Mbps of point-to-point circuits bandwidth. There were over 1,000 attendees as well as the crew who enjoyed the fast internet that was provided.  Your company can also enjoy the services of TSI such as the wifi captive portal splash page and the high-quality internet for events.

All that you need to know on flex loans – How can businesses seek help?

Do you know how tough it is to make ends meet before you reach your payday? You might suddenly feel the need of immediate cash flow in order to make ends meet.

Now when you approach the banks for new line of credit, what if the banks deny you the funds? Is there any other option that can keep you moving? When you are in need of immediate funds, conventional lending doesn’t seem to be as flexible during such pressing situations. But you need not fret as there are flex loans which can come to your benefit.

If you don’t know what flex loans are, it’s not a payday loan. It is rather an open-end new line of credit. You just have to apply once and you will be given the maximum amount which is known as the credit limit. The borrower is allowed to withdraw any specific amount against your maximum credit limit. The payments and billing are aligned along with your payment dates.

What makes flex loans so special?

Flex loans are one among the best personal loans that you get in the nation. There are several lending companies which have many years of experience in lending such loans. Since they are multi-payment loans, they are extremely special. A borrower can pay back the loan over a long period of 36 months and you are allowed to borrow up to $5000 at a time. You can roll over the loan amount if you think you need to extend the loan so as to give yourself more time to settle. The schedule of payments is even flexible and you can schedule it in any manner.

Few benefits of taking out flex loans

You can get flex loans both offline and online. In case you require taking out online, you just need to fill out a small contact form and just as the details are verified, your credit score will be determined and you will soon receive the money. Here are few benefits of flex loans.
1. Borrowing cost is too low: The installment loans are way more affordable when compared to the payday loans, cash advance, line of credit and settlement loans, among which few have a floating interest rate. Such loans are predictable enough and hence you get enough time to settle dues.
2. Meets immediate needs: You can take out a flex loan for meeting an instant financial need whenever you find yourself short of dealing with different utility bills. You can also take it out for small business and educational costs.
3. Combine your debts: You can use a flex loan to consolidate all the other high interest debts into a single loan in order to make it easier for you to pay back. The costs will be low and you can even negotiate a lower rate with the lender.
4. Strong legal framework: The long term loans usually have strong legal foundation and the interest rate of both the lenders and borrowers are protected in a better way.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about whether or not you could secure a traditional loan during an emergency, you needn’t worry as you can always fall back on flex loans and reap the above listed benefits.…